Legal Protection Against Nazir on Control of Ownership Objects by Wakif's Description

  • Lisa Rochmilayali Universitas Jayabaya
  • Dhody AR. Widjaatmaja Universitas Jayabaya
  • Zulkarnaen Koto Universitas Jayabaya


Waqf is a legal act both individuals and institutions that have the value of social worship carried out by Muslims to get rewards and blessings from Allah SWT. In the implementation of waqf, it is very necessary to have a waqf pledge deed as authentic evidence to register and legalize the act with the National Land Agency as a guarantee of protection and legal certainty for waqf rights. However, in reality, there are still waqf deeds carried out according to the Shari'ah without being followed by the making of the waqf pledge which is not known to the heirs from generation to generation as happened in Katulampa Bogor as stated in the decision of the Bogor Religious Court Number 1031/Pdt.G /2015 /PA.Bgr. The formulation of the problem in this study is: how is the legal protection for nadzir over waqf land controlled by wakif heirs and how is legal certainty in waqf management in the control of wakif heirs according to positive law in Indonesia. The legal theory used in this study is the theory of legal protection and the theory of legal certainty.


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